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Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment
Vision can be restored and Legs can be SAVED

Omental Transplantation for limb salvage in Buergers, Diabetes gangrene,
Restoring vision in Retinitis Pigmentosa, Macular degeneration, optic atrophy

(World wide accepted - Telecast in Living Pulse II series by Discovery Channel)

Eye can be revascularized by Pedical Omentopexy, improve vision
(Retina pigmentosa, Macular degen, Choroditis, Central artery occlusion Optic atrophy)

Myocardium total revascularization by T.M.R. with Omentopexy

Dr. V.K. Agarwal, Rt. Director Medical Education, Dean and
Prof. Emeritus Medical College, Indore, India

Blood is needed for survival of tissues and organs

Ischemia (loss of blood supply ) leads to degeneration of tissues organs.

Coronary ischemia leads to Heart attack

Peripheral ischemia leads to Gangrene

Eye retinal ischemia leads to Blindness.

Anterior chamber has lens and cornea for which treatment is well establishedPosterior chamber has Retina, which have 1.5 million sensor cells (Rods-Cones) ischemic disease leads to degeneration of Rods and cones in diseases like Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), and Age related Macular degeneration (ARMD) Optic Atrophy etc. for which world has no treatment (Retinitis Pigmentosa Book Ed. Heckenlively JR.’4)

Though in modern era Bypass Surgery is used to revascularise these tissues. But there are many such situation where direct revascularization is not feasible and surgeon feel helpless losing tissue and organ. Eye is a such organ, Retinal artery being intracranial is not assessable for bypass. . While all attempts are done to revascularise retina by newer viteroretinal surgical techniques (G.Paymen) and, every day claim of achieving success by new techniques are in-vain as none has long term good results and has lot of complication

RP patients are generally confused with these claims based on results of few cases, of short duration. Our technique of Omental transplant is based on our 25 yrs. experience of limb revascularisation with omentum and with published experimental study, that intact omentum can be transplanted in eye safely, with evidence of developing bypass between omental and retinal vessels(6), we modified Agarwal technique(7) of Pedicle Omental transplantation to eye by which stomach vessel supplies eye (retinal bypass surgery).

published in scientific journals and chapter in Retinal degeneration book. and have follow up of over 250 cases for 10 yrs

                                     stomach.jpg (6696 bytes)
What is pedicle omentopexy

Omentum a primitive structure, hanging as a fattyomentum.jpg (7026 bytes) apron in abdomen6”x9” with vast network of blood vessels and lymphatic. It is known for its angiogenic properties. Recent studies have shown this due to stem cells (CD+34 and Ly-1+B) which has power to migrate. This promote angiogenesis and repair and revascularize injured tissue. We used omentum for revascularization of the ischemic limbs and developed a technique (Agarwal technique) to lengthen a meter and brought it up to the toes in legs*(1) for last 25 yrs. with 85% good results and to retina in Eyes.**.
There are many such situation where direct surgeryis not feasible and Surgeon feel helpless losing tissue and organ. Eye is one of them. 


It resulted a break through in medical science by restoring vision in blind. Follow up of over 250 cases have shown, in all cases further deterioration of vision is checked in all cases. Patient of retinitis pigmentosa with vision more than counting finger over 3 feet, restored vision, ICG angiogram have shown improvement of retinal circulation to normal limit in early cases.


Less filling of choroidal vessels

Pre Op.

New Blood Vessels with good flow after 3 month
Post Op.

ICG Angiogram
ICG Angioram - Pre Operation  ICG Angioram - Post Operation 
Pre Op. Post Op.

With our continue good results, Pedicle omental transfer offers new ray of hope in a-vascular diseases of retina Retinitis Pigmentosa to stop further detoration and Improve vision. We recommend early operation as Post operative recovery is directly proportionate to pre-op. vision.

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